Leadership Opportunities

Each year, membership votes to elect new leaders for the Executive Board.  President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, and District Chairperson-Elect are selected annually and other positions are filled as needed. The IACRAO Executive Board is comprised of the following positions:



Past President



Past Treasurer (Ex-Officio)

District Chairperson*

District Chairperson-Elect (Non-Member)*

Past District Chairperson (Non-Member)*


Equal Educational Opportunities Officer

Professional Activities Officer

Website Manager (Ex-Officio)

Communications Manager/Chronicle Editor (Ex-Officio)

Archivist (Ex-Officio)

*Leaders are selected from each of the five districts (East-Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southern, and West-Central).

Ex-Officio Members are appointed, non-voting members of the Executive Board; Non-Members assist but are not members of, the Executive Board.